About Us

Mrima stands for idealism, intuition, romance, generosity, creativity, wisdom, and tolerance. It’s the amalgamation of two beings who have been destined to be born in the same family to create something as unique as Mrima under the guidance of faith.

Our History

The blessing

Mrima has come alive from the space of divinity…like the one gifted to Mri-dul & Ma-nsi by the higher consciousness in the state of nothingness. Mri-dul and Ma-nsi are a unique combination of opposites.

Est. 2021

Our Story

The yogic lifestyle has brought an enormous change in Mri & Ma’s perspective in making their everyday choices. Since very childhood, there has been an unusual pull for both Mri & Ma towards Meditation and Yoga. Life continued weaving its path towards the same further intensifying the urge to learn more and more, also to explore aspects that are related to the field of yoga.

Yoga is a path to go from gross to subtle. Through different phases of yogic practices, they started understanding the significance of comfortable clothing as the layers of clothes on the body plays a vital role in giving the experience that uplifts the mind from physical comfort.

Mrima is a Style exclusively blended with comfort that’s an ideal way to get on the mat in the modern world. The Brand has been brought to perfection by giving a Modern touch to the designs with a hint of traditionalism. Every piece of Mrima clothing has been time-tested. They are perfect for different movements of the body or just be.

 The purpose is to bring that ultimate comfort we’re all looking for and radiate soulful yogic vibes through simple yet elegant designs to keep the practice graceful and effortless.

It’s noteworthy that Mrima is working with many brilliant artisans across India who are putting their heart and soul into the brand to bring the magic that the world is going to experience. 

Our Future

Sharing love

Mrima has become a wave of love and hope for these artisans who are working really hard to feed their creative souls. Mrima aspires to touch every heart with conscious efforts and pure intentions

Mrima Also contributes to the objective of saving the environment by choosing eco-friendly clothing.  So, anything that is born out of love only creates harmony between body, mind, and soul. Thus, promoting better Physical, Mental & Emotional Health.

Core Values

We adhere to our core values.





Key People

Mridul Arora