Meet the team

Mrima has come alive from the space of divinity…like the one gifted to Mri-dul & Ma-nsi by the higher consciousness in the state of nothingness. Mri-dul and Ma-nsi are a unique combination of opposites. Mrima stands for idealism, intuition, romance, generosity, creativity, wisdom, and tolerance. It’s the amalgamation of two beings who have been destined to be born in the same family to create something as unique as Mrima under the guidance of faith.

Mridul Arora

- Co Founder

Mridul is an engineer by profession but always a yogi by heart. She has worked with many big corporates only to realize her heart and soul lie somewhere else. No doubt, she has always been a bright student throughout her school and college life.

Later she also took up teaching mathematics to kids coming from different parts of the world for a few years. But Yoga was her 1st sight love.  She was 1st introduced to yoga at the age of seven in school where yoga was a daily activity for students. The curious heart kept searching for opportunities to go deeper into yoga which landed her some crazy opportunities to learn yoga from different teachers across the globe.

Mridul also joined Art of living and has done some superb volunteering to bring people on the path of yoga and meditation. At the age of 22, she began to acknowledge different factors that would enhance or deter her yoga practice, and here’s when the clothing came to her notice. Normal clothing wouldn’t support her expanding far into the posture, therefore, creating trouble in going deeper into yoga practice.

Here the journey to look for alternatives began, and none could satisfy her demand for comfortable clothing. She visualized the right kind of clothing to get on the mat which took a shape in the form of Mrima a few years later. Her keen observation of everything in life is so incredible and a blessing for so many. 


- Co Founder

Mansi has done her graduation from Delhi University. She has been a part of different curricular activities throughout her school and college time.  Apart from that, she participated in the North India beauty pageant in 2014, where she 1st got introduced to Yoga.

Yoga was a part of the personality development program for all the beauty pageant participants. She learned the basics of yoga there and got inquisitive to know more about the subject. She started practicing yoga & meditation by herself along with her corporate job where she was in the sales and marketing department.

Later she got connected to the Art of Living organization and began to dive deep into different forms of meditation through some beautiful techniques given by AOL teachers. Life took a fascinating and inconceivable turn as she finally realized that she wants to make a carrier in yoga.

That’s the point where all the events and happenings of life felt connected to her. She knew her calling from there on and the whole story started. Yoga became her passion. Healing people through yoga and meditation started giving her a deep sense of fulfillment and joy. She takes yoga and meditation sessions for people across the world & also live her dream in the form of Mrima.